Parisian Glow Skin Care Kit

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Looking for an AMAZING ALL NATURAL skincare routine? This Skin Care Kit has it all! Gentle enough for Hypersensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Whats included:

Charcoal Soap- charcoal helps pull impurities from your pores while our Melaleuca & Lavender essential oils blended in, give you a deep clean, helping to reduce redness & irritation

Konjac Sponge- exfoliates your skin gently with its 100% Natural potato fibers-great for hyper sensitive skin (you get this FREE in your Glow Box! Normally $6)

100% Natural Facial Moisturizer- it will make your skin GLOW! Chemical FREE and full of yummy essential oil goodness to help reduce wrinkles, scarring, dark circles, acne breakouts and more. This is great for scar repair and burns too!

Blemish Buster- blended essential oils all ready for you to roll onto any pesky breakout. Full of natural astringent and antibacterial benefits to help speed up the healing process! 

Daily Facial Serum- great for penetrating and delivering key nutrients and essential oils into your skin which promotes smoother skin, texture and tone. When used regularly, they can help retain moisture in your skin, reduce fine lines and pores!

Hibiscus Tea Facial Toner - can helps PH balance your skin which results in creating a more vibrant and smoother appearance. When used regularly it can promote tightening of the pores!

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