Retail Partners

The Parisian Hostess Retail Partners 

We are excited that these retailers are now carrying The Parisian Hostess product line! It is now easier than ever to access your favorite all natural and organic-based products with the help of our retail partners throughout the United States. Take a look below at several retailers who will now be carrying our product line. 
Perspire is dedicated to making you BREAK A SWEAT in the best environment. Your body & mind will thank you.

Where shopping is fun! Shreveport-Bossier’s “Must-See” Shop

Your pharmacy should do more than just fill your prescriptions. Your pharmacy should care about you and the medications you are taking.

Dedicated to providing products of distinction for babies, children, men, women, and the home. We strive to offer a variety of thread colors and fonts to reflect the personality of each special gift.
 Awaken your imagination with the eclectic and whimsical delights you are sure to find at The Great Giftsby!
Spa subscription for all bath lovers!  Artisan, natural, essential oil based bath and body luxuries!  Turn your bath into a sanctuary.