Sweetheart Massage Kit

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Valentine's Day is the perfect way to pamper your bombshell! Give your sweetheart the best massage ever. 

On Valentine's Day, you put 2-3 drops of the Harmony Essential Oil in a diffuser, spray the linens with the Sleepy Time Linen Spray and the pillow with our Sleepy Time Pillow Spray. This will set the mood and get her relaxed. Then Massage her with the Lush Lotion to get her even more relaxed. Use the Muscle Rub on tense and tight areas. 

She will be one happy and relaxed gal once your finished 

Sweetheart Massage Kit Includes:

- Sweet Dreams Lush Lotion 

- Muscle Rub

- Muscle Rub Rollerball

- Sleepy Time Linen Spray

- Sleepy Time Pillow Spray

- Harmony Essential Oil