Dapper Dine-Out Nite at American Icon Brewery

August's Dapper Dine-Out Nite at American Icon Brewery was one for the books. Attendees showed their style with head-to-toe ensembles that would make Rita Hayworth proud. The fun began with a fun (and at times competitive) cup-stacking challenge with the winner receiving a handmade Parisian hostess essential oil product. It was then red carpet time as our stylish guests stood in front of the Dapper Dine-Out Nite step-and-repeat for their own mini photo shoots. Dinner was next followed by a brewery tour. Of course it not an official Parisian Hostess Dapper Dine-Out Nite without live music and dancing. This month American Icon Brewery had a live band covering 90's music and guests could not get enough!

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