Paris is always a Good Idea!

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Paris is always a good idea!

What is it about those six little words and why does that saying always create such a yearning? I know I have a coffee mug, a T-shirt and a yearly planner book with that written on it and you might catch me twirling to some french jazz music playing in the shop throughout the day. Paris- is - always- a - good- idea....

 I think it's that Romantic feeling we constantly seek in our lives, would do anything for and desire above all else! I admit, I am a hopeless romantic and love looking at the world through Rose Colored glasses ( maybe that's why I love pink so much, lol). 

As some of you know I had planned on going back to Paris this year but of course, Hurricane Irma came and took my Paris pocket plane money and made me buy a generator that never got to my house until 2 weeks after the hurricane had wreaked its havoc in town!

So Paris has been on my mind, the curving cobblestone streets, the accordion player that sits on the corner in front of my favorite Cafe crooning some smokey Parisian tune, the waft of baked bread as you passed by one of the many Patisseries....oh d'être encore là (oh to be there again).

Well last weekend I had to go, I had to get out of town and immerse myself in something at least close to Paris, so the next best thing I could think of was Epcot.....yes, I know what you are thinking...but it was the week before Black Friday and I had marketing, photoshoots and product development to work on to prepare for the holidays, so Epcot was the best that I was going to get!

I decided to go because I had heard they were having a Dapper Day and I had never been. I was SOOOO excited because that meant everyone would be wearing their very best vintage attire! I had just gotten in a new shipment of vintage dresses so I pulled on my petticoat, zipped up my Lemon Drop Dress and headed to Orlando. 

When I entered the gates and unfurled my crisp new map, I had a wonderful sense of nostalgia, the last time I had stepped onto those grounds I was only 3 feet tall. When I looked at what Epcot had to offer on the map my heart began to fill with excitement, Paris was on the map!!! I had completely forgotten that Paris was in Orlando too!

With some pep in my step and a swish of my petticoat, I strolled into town. French onion soup wafted in the air coming out through the doors of a cafe, the hum of a street performer provided the soundtrack and the Effiel tower hovered in the background. A miniature movie set that I was happy to enjoy for the day. With a giddy smile on my face, I exhaled and found my "Paris".....A little bit of romance ( the Maitre De provided with his french accent and flirtatious attentiveness), a glass of Rose from a Provance in France and time taken out of my busy life to enjoy it all....yes...Paris is always a good idea... take some time and find your "Paris"... it's always a fabulous idea


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