Have your cake and eat it too- 4 steps that helped me get off the yo-yo weight train

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Have your cake and eat it too!

Bumps, divets, stretch marks, oh my! Yep, I’ve got them , you’ve got them, lets face it, pretty much every female has this unless you are a size negative zero and don’t love food.

1. Stop Counting Calories:

The best thing I did for myself years ago was to STOP Counting calories. That’s right, I actually stopped looking at the nutrition labels and started focusing on moderating my food intake.

After 30 years of focusing on that Calorie number on the back of every package, contemplating on whether it was worth the calories, how much I would have to workout to get that off my hips and refusing those tasty treats that I was always for some reason craving, it was a hard habit to break!

Once I stopped looking at the calories and following that “don’t go down the rabbit hole” constraint of calorie counting, I was amazed at what happened:

  • I could eat anything I wanted
  • I lost weight
  • My shopping trip time allocation was cut in half
  • I enjoyed cooking and eating out more than ever!
  • And most of all I didn’t crave sweets and that giant bag of Cheetos anymore!


    2. Everything in Moderation:

    Yes, you read it correctly, I could eat anything I wanted.  That included pastries, chips, burgers and ice cream. The reason it worked, was that I allowed myself to have what I TRULY wanted and I ate portions the size of my fist.


    I discovered preventing yourself from having something that you wanted, usually puts you in the position to eat the WHOLE bag of Cheetos as a “special treat” because you worked so hard on something and “Deserve a reward.” Allowing yourself to have some chips, in smaller quantities creates a balance your body is able to process.


    3. Dry Brush

    Now what about that pesky cellulite on the backs of your arms and legs? I Have it, it’s actually hereditary for me, so even in my skinniest, I always seemed to have some on my legs.

    I am too much of a wimp for surgeries, especially since my body is so sensitive to pretty much everything. So after tons of research and time in my apothecary kitchen, I created a Cellulite Serum Kit

    using a technique called “Dry Brushing” which has been around forever. I discovered this technique when a massage therapist in her 60’s asked me to private label a Dry Brushing Kit for her clients. She had been using Dry Brushing for years and didn’t have a lick of cellulite on her legs!

    The technique incorporates a yummy essential oil blend and super hydrating oils that you apply to the trouble areas followed by the use of a natural bristle brush.

    The Brush is used to smooth bumps and divets, promote circulation and reduce sensitivity issues with daily to weekly application. Use of this technique and product incorporated with healthy eating and exercise make this a fabulous incorporation into your daily routine.


    4. Stay Hydrated

    Up to 60% of our body is made up of water

    Think about it! You need water to keep your organs filtering, pumping, digesting, crying, healing, so why would you deprive yourself of water?

    Not only is it important for your body to function at its prime, but drinking water throughout the day can make you feel fuller and help stave off cravings.

    But what if “ I don’t like the taste of water” or “it’s hard to drink water?”

    There are lots of great ways to help encourage yourself to ingest water throughout the day. I love using essential oils in my water.

    I usually put 1 drop of my Creamsicle essential oil blend 

    which is pure oil from the Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Vanilla. These essential oils can flavor your water without the added calories that juices and flavored drink mixes have. Plus they are all natural and easy for your body to process.

    Make sure if you use essential oils you are only putting one drop in your water at a time and using a glass or stainless steel container to drink out of. Plastic and styrofoam gets broken down when essential oils touch them.

    Take away:

    1. Stop counting calories
    2. Eat in moderation
    3. Take care of your skin with a Dry Brushing Cellulite Serum Kit
    4. Stay Hydrated

    Tamara Darress, is the owner and creator of The Parisian Hostess Apothecary, an all natural handmade essential oil beauty line. She has a medical background of over 20 years as an Occupational Therapist, is an Internationally published and televised Pin Up and regular Host on PopShop Live where she helps thousands of people everyday feel better from the inside out with her All Natural products www.theparisianhostess.com


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