An Orange A Day Keeps The Dentist Away

Posted by Katherine Kelly on

Orange essential oil does more than make the room or your car smell AMAZING. It has actually been known to have many health benefits, including properties to help clean your mouth and prevent decay or diseases from occurring!

Because orange essential oil has an antiseptic property, it has been known to help protect your gums and teeth from diseases and infections like gingivitis and periodontitis that are caused by bacteria that grow in your mouth. The anti-inflammatory property of orange essential oil has also been known to help combat mouth ulcers and cold sores by diminishing inflammation in the gums and fighting excess bacteria in your mouth.

Our preferred way of using orange essential oil to keep our mouth healthy is with our citrus spice coconut oil pulling product. Our citrus spice blend contains orange, clove, and cinnamon essential oils to help fight germs. Mixed with 100% Pure Coconut Oil blend and activated charcoal to be an additional force in pulling impurities from your gum line and teeth, citrus spice coconut oil pulling is a great way to fight unwanted bacteria and make your mouth feel squeaky clean!

BONUS: The activated charcoal helps to whiten your teeth overtime! 

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