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Getting overwhelmed with the Pandemic happening in today’s world? You aren’t alone, the CoronaVirus has affected the entire world and there’s not much we can do but try to stay home, use social distancing, wash gkhr hands, be calm, come up with other ways to pass the time with you and your family.

Sometimes we might need a little help to get us through the rough time, our Stress Kit gives you the tools to help you to deal.

Kit includes:

🌟Muscle Rub for all those muscle aches

🌟Headache Rollerball to help you manage tension headaches 

🌟Sleep Time Essential Oil to help you sleep better at night 

🌟Harmony Essential Oil to help with racing thoughts & anxiety 

This Kit is 19% off the retail price to help you and your family stay calm and healthy ❤️ Regular price $88