All Natural Hand Pump Soap

The Parisian Hostess

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Organic Soap made with our yummy Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends. Great in bathrooms and the kitchen. PARABEN & SULFITE FREE!

Try all of our signature Blends:


Creamsicle & Lemon Grove!

Citrus Spice: has a Cinnamony, Clove & Citrus Scent. The combination of essential oils are perfect for Detoxing effect and Boosting your Immune System! Use this during flu season to keep infections and sickness at bay.

Peppermint Peel: has a blend of Peppermint and Sweet Orange which is a very Fresh Fragrance. The combination is excellent as a Mood and Energy Booster when you need a little motivation!

Lavender Fields: Lavender Fields will feel like a stroll through a French Lavender Field. The combination of essential oils are perfect for creating a Stress Free moment!

Winter Bliss: Winter Bliss has an incredible Winter days walk through a Forest scent. The combination of essential oils are crisp and cool with its Orange, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Blend.