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Are you a business in Historic Downtown??? Then you want to get on the map for the first annual Dapper Dash Challenge!!! Attendees to Downtown Dapper Daze will receive a map of businesses downtown that will be participating as an Official Dapper Dash Stop. When they arrive at your business, you will have a mini challenge for them to participate in. Be creative! Once they complete that challenge they get their map punched and off they go to the next stop. 

A great way to get new and returning customers to walk through your doors! Create shopping and dinning specials for Dapper participants so you increase your bottom line!

Deadline in January 11th to get on the map so hurry up!!!!

You will receive a printed card to go on your door that shows you are a Dapper Dash Stop and your business will be listed on our official map and website

Registration is $40 and you also provide a $10 gift certificate from your business. The $10 Gift certificate goes into the prize pot for the lucky winner of the Dapper Dash!